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A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, reduces sagging of skin and wrinkling on the forehead and above the nose, as well as elevates and shapes the eyebrows. Likewise, and eyelid lift reduces sagging and folding of skin around the eye that may be disrupting the natural shape of the eyelid, sometimes even impairing vision. There are multiple surgical approaches to eyelid and brow lifts, and these different approaches may be used alone or in combination to create the best result for a patient.

Dr. Heinz takes each patient’s unique anatomy into consideration when designing an eyelid or brow lift, and he uses a variety of approaches to make sure that his patients get the natural, youthful look they want without visible scars or unnatural distortion of the eye or hairline area.

8788 post.JPG After
8788 before.JPG Before
DSC_0051.JPG After
DSC_0079.JPG Before